VIEWCO specializes in design and build projects in MVAC, Electrical, Project Management and Business Continuity and are renowned for creating designs that are based on value engineering and providing total building sustainability and maintainability. Our expertise can be applied through all stages of the design and construction cycle.

We have valuable experience in delivering innovative air conditioning & ventilation systems that not only improve the operating efficiency and performance of a building, but also enhance the living and working conditions for its inhabitants.

With a reputation for technical excellence, we offer a complete array of environmental control and mechanical services from initial planning to design, project management, installation and maintenance. Typical commissions include provision of temperature control, air conditioning, mechanical ventilation and water cooling systems, as well as measures that help improve indoor air quality.


Our experience

MVAC System
Control System
Electrical System

MVAC System Installaiton

  • Chillers Installation

  • Cooling Towers Installation

  • Chilled Water Pumps Installation

  • Condenser Water Pumps Installation

  • AHU / MAU / FCU Installation

  • Ducting / Piping Works

  • Ductwork Installation

  • Sizing & Dimension

  • Piping Installation

  • Drainage System

Control System Installation

  • Control Panel & Wiring Installation

  • Control Valves & Dampers Installation

  • Hydraulic System Balancing

  • Air Balancing

Electrical System Installation

  • Electrical Supply to Equipment


VIEWCO specializes in providing professional air-conditioning periodic maintenance, repairs, sales and installations at commercial building, offices, restaurants and residential.

Inspection & Repairing

  • Checking out the condenser air flow, air temperature, return air

    temperature, circuits and control devices

  • Checking the air conditioning system parts&

  • Professional repairing of cooling tower, AHU, central chiller system, varioustypes of split type air conditioners

  • Order and replacement of original parts / spareparts


  • Annual chemical cleaning with high pressure jet cleaning solution of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems

  • Monthly checking of parts, cleaning the air filter and de-block drainagepipes or condenser

  • Emergency repair service call


Our experience

Inspection & Repairing


We specialize in project management from the initial concept to the final touch of paint in a wide variety of environments, including residences, bars, restaurants and offices. Our job is to listen to what client needs and provide timely and cost-effective solutions. Having agreed the design, our design and contracting teams work together to complete project in reasonable time and within budgetary control. At every step of project, we attach great importance to a close communication with our client.


  • Interior Design

  • Interior Styling

  • Spatial Planning


  • Project Management

  • Contracting

  • Consultancy

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